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Looking for a web designer who speaks your language?

You’ve found me…The Webmistress.

I help you so you help your clients. This synergy allows us the opportunity to create a happier and healthier planet.

As web designer and a wellbeing practitioner I’m perfectly equipped to offer you WordPress web design for your wellbeing businesses.

Based in Bath, but  thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can help you no matter where you live… Bristol, Frome, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Wiltshire or anywhere in the UK or on our lovely planet.

Also on offer is WordPress Coaching and print marketing material design and workshops


4 packages in WordPress on offer.

Please note, these packages are under review, hence limited information currently on this site (April 2016)


Starting out?
Go for Package 1

Package 1
Fiona Fallon -

  • A basic online presence with 1 design, choice customised for you
  • Affordable price
  • 5 page ‘starter’ website including a blog

Been practising for a while?
There are 2 options: Package 2 and 3

Package 2
Lana Lynn Mareno - Wellness Journeys

  • a few design options and limited customisation
  • 6 pages including a blog

Package 3
Olivia Rowlatt - Specialist Couple Counsellor

  • Many design options and customsitations according to your needs
  • 8 pages including a blog

Are you’re a small business, like a Therapy Practice?
Then choose the Company package

Company (SME)
Fulcrum House

  • Extra functionality and apps included
  • Custom design with extra design time
  • 15 pages including a blog

Why choose me?

Read about why you would want to co-create your website with me >

Or call me and we can see if I’m the right match for you.
Together we can co-create your beautiful space on the Internet.

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