Why choose The Webmistress?

We will do our best to take your website dreams and turn them into reality.

We enjoy proactively looking after your web presence so you don’t have to.

Our ethos and intention for our working relationship

  • Trust, truth, honesty, understanding … and the acceptance of what is and what arises
  • Collaborative relationships, founded on honesty and integrity
  • Practice open, clear and respectful communication…
  • …understand the value of effective communication 
  • Prefer to call, rather than email when there’s a problem, so we can talk it through
  • Open to ebb and flow and understand that the internet is ever changing and…
  • …understand that some things are beyond our control and we need to work closely with you to get the best outcome in an uncontrollable situation
  • Enjoy tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience of those around us to help us and you grow

…If this reflects you too, then you’ve come to the right place and we look forward to a happy working relationship.

You will be…

  • guided and supported with explanations in plain English
  • benefit from our many years’ web, brand and marketing experience and industry knowledge
  • the proud owner of a website that’s right for you
  • able to edit your site at no cost
  • supported after your site is live


  • is passionate about supporting your health and wellbeing business
  • have a wealth of experience in building websites for health and wellbeing business
  • have been a web designer since 1996
  • have been a health and well-being professional since 2007
  • run a wellbeing practitioner support group in Bath
  • have a personal interest in self development and wellness
  • am passionate about communication and have knowledge and understanding of how language and imagery can work for you
  • love colour, harmony, balance and simple websites where information can be easily found

The team

  • work from a heart space
  • are also passionate about supporting your health and wellbeing business
  • are mostly health and wellbeing practitioners or in training
  • always considering effective way to work to keep your costs down
  • speak your therapeutic, holistic, wellbeing language and that of the internet


You have probably chosen your path, or answered the call as a health and wellbeing practitioner because you want to help people. As a compassionate person with a focus on caring, marketing might seem challenging and not a top priority for you – which is where The Webmistress steps in to assist you:

  • WordPress websites in Bath, Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon and the World
  • wellbeing practitioners and “web people”
  • Therefore, ideally placed to help you establish your web presence, as understand your language and that of the Internet

I’ll will guide you through our step-by-step process, at an affordable cost.

And after your site is live, you are a supported client.

Once it’s built, you’re able to edit it! I’ll be here for you when you need me.

  • Your site is easy to edit and update yourself
  • You can add new pages and change text and photos, add testimonials, events and special offers to attract business and blog posts
  • And that’s not all you will be able to do – there are many more ways you can use your site to your advantage
  • If you don’t want to edit your site yourself, simply call or email with the details and I’ll make the changes for you

Moving forward

web presence is essential to your business. The internet is the first port of call for information or simply to find a phone number.  The Webmistress can help you, through an enjoyable process, establish your presence on the internet so that your prospective clients find you, and not just your competitors.

Call me now so we can co-create your beautiful space on the internet.