Logos, leaflets, business cards

Simple and affordable promotional material: logos, postcards, menu cards, leaflets, business cards, re-touched website header images.

Sarah Hoare

Logo and web design
We’ve been working with Sarah since 2012. (We do pride ourselves in long-term client relationships.) At that time we co-created a logo together. You can see that close to the bottom of this page. In 2023, she realised she needed a website cleanse and so we did a major overhaul of her website. Of course, she needed a new logo too. During communication with Sarah about the logo, she said something about ‘energy being contained in a magic box’. She wanted something simple. The result a magic blue box with her initials.

The Happy Meeting

Sophika got in touch to co-create her website and start building her brand identity. We created logos, got her started with WordPress and the initial design, adjusted content and offered some SEO advice. She then found a local designer in her time zone to take her the rest of the way.

We can’t take credited for the final web design, but if you look at her website you’ll see the essence of what we built together.

Lucy Powel

Logo, business card and web design

The logo conceptualised for Lucy; She wanted the representation of a lotus flower (which symbolises strength, resilience, and rebirth) and combined with human ‘element’ (head and arms). Below are variations of the font and back of the business cards she could mix and match as she wishes.

Rosalind Love Celebrant

Logo, business card design and web design

Helen Mason Couples Therapy

Leaflets design

Family Chiropractic Centre

Leaflet and web design

Mama Love – Doula Services, Bath

Logo and web design
Sushi wanted her logo to incorporate a pregnant belly shape, the koru (a Māori symbol) and a heart, for her doula service for pregnant ladies. It needed to be earthy, flowy yet professional, so it would appeal to her target market.

Heidi Reiki

Leaflet and web design
Balancing people and places.

Café Grace Logo

Logo design
Jonathan has a wonderful vision…Gourmet Raw Food café, catering and then some. He is extremely passionate about his food and life.

He commissioned the heart and hand artwork from an artist. We turned it into a logo with his direction on how he wanted it to look and feel.

Café Grace Postcards

Design of postcards with event and menu information
For the front, placing the logo in white on the top corner allows the beauty of the food to sing.

The information on the back takes the colour lead from the photo (a delicious raw food pizza) and has event information as well as a sample menu of raw delights.

Nicola Damery

Leaflet, business card and web design
Massage for relieving stress, pain and discomfort.

Sarah Hoare

Logo, business card and web design
Hypnotherapy and massage.

Olivia Rowlatt

Logo design
Specialist couple counsellor.

Dream Sleepers

Logo design
Personalised, holistic sleeping solutions for parents and carers of babies and young children.

Healing massage with Leora

Leaflet, business card and web design
Healing massage and Bodywork.

Soul Abundance

On the left we have Magda’s vision of her logo, drawn by her from a dream she had. She came to me with that drawing and we co-created the logo artwork (right side).

Integra CPD

Logo design

The logo reflects the therapist, the client and the space in between.

Peter Ucko

Business card design

Editor & Writer. Actor & Broadcaster. Consultant & Entrepreneur. Specialist Document Designer.

Linda Rock – Rosen Method Bodywork

This job was to rework Linda’s logo and create a leaflet. The original logo was flat colour purple hearts with an outline, placed on a grey circle. We added some shading, removed the outline and added orange.

Then we used that look and feel to create a leaflet. The result: a warm and friendly leaflet to resonate with the bodywork she does and appeal to the target market.

And of course we took the look through to her website.


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