Package 1 Sites


Hayley Boulton

Yoga for All
Mary Hill - Counselling Psychotherapy Bath

Mary Hill

Counselling & Psychotherapy
Nicola Damery - Give yourself time

Nicola Damery

Give yourself time


Ann-louise Naimh

Gentle Changes

Jane Clark Therapies

Jane Clark

Jane Clark Therapies
Sian Griffith - Meditative Reflexology

Siân Grifith

Meditative Reflexology

Laughter Club in Bath

Marak Kirk-Reynolds

Laughter Club in Bath
Freedom Within

Natash Alan-Williams

Freedom Wittin
Mara Kirk-Ryenolds - Pilates-Bath

Mara Kirk-Reynolds



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Clients manage their own sites

Once we have completed a site, we hand it over to our client, all shiny and new.  The owner of the site is then responsible for maintaining the content of their site (so things change after we’ve completed our service!).  We are on hand to provide an editing and updating service to help out if required.