Here are some extra services we offer you, charged at £40 per hour, however you only pay for time used i.e you are not billed for an hour if you have only required 35 mins of service. Another way saying this is we charge 64p/min for support.

Looking for something that’s not on the list? Please ask us if we are able to do it for you.

  • Lessons to help you learn how to use wordpress
  • More design time to make your site more unique and sophisticated (in the region of £500-£1000 extra, depending on your requirements)
  • Blog subscription[1]
  • Plugins[2] (E.g. photo gallery, scrolling testimonials)
  • Custom-designed holding page[3] with your logo and contact details, while we build your site
  • Home page slide show
  • Different header image on each page
  • Additional pages (in the region of £15 per page), including 1 image provided by you
  • Image sourcing
  • Proofreading and editing your content
  • Registration to free directories
  • Real time WordPress training (by phone/Skype or in person in Bath)
  • PayPal button /  Gift voucher sales / Tickets event sales
  • SSL certificate activation on your site (Google now favours sites with https rather than http)
  • Newsletter and mailing list setup
  • Logo, business cards and other affordable print marketing material
  • Search Engine Optimisation tags improved
  • Google Analytics to track visitors


[1] Blog subscription People who visit your site can enter their name and email address to subscribe to your blog. This means each time you post a blog, they will receive the article in their Inbox or an email telling them you’ve posted a new blog.

[2] Plugins These are mini applications that extend the functionality of your site. They are often displayed in the sidebar.

[3] Holding Page If you already have a site and you are asking us to rebuild it. There will be a few days when your site will be down while we replace it with the new one. Whilst that is happening, we can place a holding page that explain that your site will be back soon. The page an also have your details and a bit about what you do.