Website Testimonials

“I can not express in words how lucky I feel to have worked with Leora in creating my website. Not only has she created the website of my dreams but Leora truly listens to what I say and has an ability to transform my words into a digital reality. Leora is patient, kind, genuine and just a lovely person to work with. She made me feel at ease from the start.

I can’t thank you enough for all your time, support and energy – you have gone above and beyond throughout building my website and after it has been built. It truly means so much and there is no way that I would have been able to do this without you.

Thank you for always been there to guide me with my website, and for always knowing how to resolve any issues – I am a bit of a techno-phobe so knowing I have you there by my side takes a huge amount of pressure off my shoulders. Thanks to you I was able to gain a clear vision for how I wanted my website to look and how I wanted it to read. Thank you thank you Leora!”
Bethany Horne

“I was initially very daunted by the whole process of creating a website but Leora made it manageable and understandable and took me step by step through the processes. She made me feel secure and supported and I was very happy with the outcome . I would highly recommend the Webmistress to anyone who wants to have a new website.”
Kunderke Noverraz

“I just want to say a massive Thank You to Leora and her team for the incredible creation that is now my website – – I love it! I find it amazing, given my very poor computer skills and knowledge of all web ‘stuff’, that I now actually have a website.

It has been achieved due to Leora’s professional yet gentle guidance, expert advice and patience. There is the added bonus of knowing she is there to help me continue to develop what is essentially always going to be ‘a work in progress’. Leora was recommended to me and I would highly recommend the webmistressofbath to anyone too.”

Yvonne Oakes

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your support and guidance in helping me start afresh with my website. I had done my own I was not happy with the results.  Your instructions were very clear, straighforward and easy to follow I hadn’t expected to have to turn the foucs on myself but I have finished feeling more confident about promoting the work I do. Many thanks.”

Caiti Buck Acupuncture

“I loved working with Leora. She offers clear guidance and an easy to follow process with warmth and sincerity. I had strong design ideas that Leora executed brilliantly. I’m delighted with the result and a good level of enquiries are coming in. Thank you Leora. “

Rosalind Love

“I have asked Leora to help me design my massage business website because it made a lot of sense to me. She is a two-in-one package, a therapist and a web designer! I was nervous to start with, having sessions on Skype was new to me, but she put me at ease. It worked wonderfully. Leora is very professional but also warm and friendly. I felt that she really wanted to make my space beautiful and appealing. I’m very happy with the result and would highly recommend her skills to anyone who needs an online presence.”
Ela Kujawska

“I found Leora to be both lovely and professional at all times. She built me a lovely website and patiently guided me through the process of it all. I’d recommend her to any therapist looking for an easy to use website for their business. Thanks Leora. ”

Kirsten Hubmann

“It’s a pleasure for me to work with Leora as she is skilled in her field, understanding to talk with, emotionally intelligent and well boundaried… That’s a rare and excellent combination to find in my experience.”

Toby xxx”
Toby Cantlie
Clinical Hypnotherapy

“I have found after working with several designers in the past that Leora as well as being an excellent designer to be really well structured, clear, professional and a very good communicator which I have found invaluable to make the process smooth and enjoyable.”
Heidi Armstrong
Assisting you through life transitions

“Not having computer or marketing skills in my background, in my mind the task of creating a website was a huge hurdle to be overcome. I finally got back to Leora after 2 years of thinking about it and am truly delighted with the result!

It is not only a beautiful space but very clear and professional looking too. I’ve received many complimentary comments from friends and clients, some of whom have also said how well it reflects me.

This says a lot about Leora(!!), who seemed to understand my mode of expression and sense of the aesthetic as much as my level of understanding of computers.

Once in her hands, what had once seemed a mammoth undertaking became a bit of an adventure and I’ve learnt so much in the process, that I feel quite ready to take on my own site management!

Leora is a fantastic person to work with as she has an ability to totally tune in to her clients’ needs and is very patient and clear. I felt safely guided at every stage and any advice or recommendation offered was constructive and helpful, so it truly was a co-creative process.

Thank you so much Leora for helping me to create my website – I really love it and although it is so new, I am already getting enquiries and new clients, which I had almost forgotten was the purpose of the whole venture!”
Fiona Fallon
Health Kinesiology, Iyengar yoga classes and Reiki

“I am SO happy with my website – I can’t stop looking at it and I have already had so many lovely comments from clients and friends who have seen it. I wanted to write a few words to say thank you.

I absolutely love my website! It is just what I wanted and so much more. It is clear and easy to navigate and a thing of real beauty.

Leora has such an eye for detail, great artistic flair and a real understanding of what is required. On top of that, she has the patience of a saint! In spite of my lack of confidence with computers, she encouraged me to be involved so that it was a real co-creation.

I have learnt so much along the way, and it was such fun! I totally recommend The Webmistress of Bath.”
Rosie Dowbekin
Kinesiology in Frome

“Since having my website redone by Leora at The Webmistress, I’ve had nothing but positive comments about it. Countless people have said it reflects me really well, others tell me they like it because it’s clear, easy to navigate and has everything they need it to have. My massage client numbers have gone up. My first new workshop filled to my maximum level of participants. And I’ve even had a few confessions of website envy from colleagues. I like it!

The process was smooth, efficient and brilliantly communicated by Leora. Every step of the way I knew what was required of me, and Leora kept me informed of where she was at with everything. I didn’t hand the job over, lose control and then just get presented with something at the end. Just the opposite in fact. We really worked together throughout the project.

Colour-wise, Leora gently and respectfully helped guide me away from the greys and blues I’d pictured into warmer, softer creams, greens and browns. With the logo and site design, Leora took the time to really hear what I wanted to achieve and brought her experience and intuitive creativity to meet me in that, and then actually took me somewhere far lovelier and more me, than I’d imagined. When I look at the site now I’m so happy with it. I’m so glad she could see what I couldn’t!

Technically, it’s great that I have access to update and alter the site as much or as little as I want to, or have time for. The integrated blog is a huge plus point for me. It’s such an easy and fun way to keep things current and share information.

I truly feel it was time and money well spent. Leora managed the project in a way that enabled us to work very efficiently and enjoyably together, achieving a lot in a short space of time. And the results keep making me smile. Yay!

I’d happily recommend Leora and The Webmistress of Bath to others who want to create, or revamp a website. In fact, I already have!”

Sarah Hoare
Massage. Tuition.

“Hi Leora

Thanks so much for today. Really enjoyed it, it didn’t feel like work!!!

I am so excited about getting the site up and running.
Anji x”
Anji Holland
Holland Hypnotherapy

“Leora made my experience of bringing together my first website as smooth and efficient and friendly as I could have wished for….she didn’t once laugh at my very basic knowledge of IT and wrapped the whole experience up in a very tidy and pretty bow. She was great. I am sure if I hadn’t felt so at ease I wouldn’t now have my very own website.

I am reassured that Leora will be there if there is any further help I need which is a very welcome feeling.”
Katie White
Nurture You Yoga

“Thanks Leora, you are an amazing designer, skillful and patient!”
Sushi Mahto
Massage and Yoga

“Feedback from Darien Pritchard during Design Phase 1 of his Custom Web Package:

Leora, this is unbelievably professional compared to what I’ve done. I’m really pleased, very impressed and gob-smacked that you are doing it for the price you are. You’re taking me to a level I had not imagined!”
Darien Pritchard
Dynamic Massage

“Lovely, brilliant, gorgeous. Totally agree with the colour and with what you’ve done. You’re expanding me way beyond my boundaries.

You’re created a lovely colour scheme for me. I’m very happy with that. This layout looks amazing Leora. I totally agree with 3 phase design process.”
Darien Pritchard
Dynamic Massage

“Dear Leora

Just to let you know that since you have made the website mobile friendly. I am happy to feedback that there seems to be a marked improvement in visitors and prospective clients to my practice.

The feedback has been very positive, several commented that the website is easy to navigate and use. So its been well worth the change.

Catherine Coulter

“After plucking up the courage to contacting Leora I was happily invited into the world of web design.

Leora reassured me not to worry about designing the site as it is an organic thing and can be changed at any time. That made the whole process less daunting and less stressful.

With her kind voice and calming tone I managed to enjoy the hours spent creating a web site. The hard work and commitment Leora gives seems to be worth more than the cost of the site.

I would highly recommend The Webmistress to everyone and reassure all clients that it is worth every penny.

Thank you so much for getting me there.”
Ross Cooper

“Leora, thank you so much for all your great support, enthusiastic guidance, and clear communication throughout this process. And it has been a process!

Through what I thought was only building a website I have also: found a target market; clarified what I offer as a therapist; built confidence; and learnt technical skills that I usually run away from. It has been hard work, but enormously worthwhile.

I am so very very pleased with the result and I have had a lot of positive feedback.

During the process I realized I am not only building a website, I am putting myself out there in the world. This takes courage and conviction and Leora truly recognizes this. She is highly talented at what she does.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. I would encourage anyone who is wondering whether to do it or not- go do it! You’ll only wish you did it sooner!

And none of its a lie or exaggeration. What a great job you do!

Huge love and thanks X x x”
Nicola Damery

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