Why should I get a professional to create my website?

So, you might be sitting there thinking…”I know computers pretty well and WordPress is free…surely I can make my own site?”

The answer…yes of course you can (you can do anything!) but can you imagine how long and painstaking it will be? You’re on a steep learning curve. You’re learning how to build a site for a one-off?!

Doesn’t it make much more sense to invest your time in what you specialise in and to pay a website expert like the The Webmistress, who has loads of experience in creating professional websites.

Will prospective clients be able to find you? Will they like what they see?

So, you’ve made your own website, or you’re thinking about doing that. Are prospective clients going to be able to find you? Is the content written with (jargon alert!) SEO in mind? Does it have correct keywords and keywords phrases, pages titles and page descriptions? Maybe your wording, your pictures or the way your site looks won’t appeal or attract the correct type of clients or any clients at all.

How do you know you are you going to put the information in the correct place, under the correct headings? Maybe you try use funky words for your sections, to be different. That will drive people away from your site as they won’t be able to find the information in the places they are looking for it. Do you know where information should go and how to structure your site so people can find it easily and won’t just get annoyed and leave you site?

How are you going to track your visitors and improve your site as the years go by?

Are you going to blog? If not, why not? Call us and well tell you why you need to be blogging!

Are you going to use social media? If not, why not?

Maybe you have more than one site? Why? Do you know that having more than one site can work against you?

Can people find your contact information easily? The harder you make it, the less clients you will generate from your site.

How will you know you’re appealing to your target market? Perhaps you’re not aware what a target market it and than you need one

Will you be able to get your content across well?

Do you know what information people will be looking for and where it should be?

Will potential clients like what they see? Will they be incited to call you, or will they think your site looks unprofessional and find someone else?

You need a professional to hold the bigger picture and tie up all the loose ends.

But there are packages other than WordPress out there…

We’ve all seen websites and ads for companies offering ‘build your own website’ packages, but again the same  as before applies: steep learning curve, frustration, is it going to be right? Do you have the time and patience for it? And are you going to get the results you want and need?

WordPress is easy for you to learn and we’ll teach you how to update your website in the future so it can grow with your business.

An example that applies to us

We’re pretty au fait with the internet and computers. Does this mean we understand the ins and outs of the likes of Facebook and Twitter? Nope!

How do we know we are doing the right thing, saying the right stuff, promoting ourselves in the best way possible way on these mediums?

We go to the experts to help us to get a handle on it. Else we would have spent hours and hours trawling the internet, getting frustrated trying to understand what we are supposed to be doing…shooting in the dark and being really unsuccessful at it.

The bottom line

You are offering a professional service. You have invested time and money in yourself and your expertise. Why not spend a little more and get a professional site to promote your service? Why would you create you own website, your primary marketing tool, knowing you are not the best (wo)man for the job?

As people turn to you for your professional service, why would you not turn to a professional web designer?

Do you inspect your own teeth? Or do you let a dentist do it for you? Do you cut your own hair? How does it look?

Last bottom line example on a maximum scale

We hate to use Coca-Cola as an example, but let’s do it… just this once. Don’t tell anyone 😉

Coca-Cola have been around for years, decades. They know their brand. They know who they are selling to. They know how they want to be perceived.

Do they do all their advertising and web campaigns themselves? No…they let the the advertising and web agencies handle it because they’ve had years of experience and know what needs to be done.

You’re starting your own business or you need a new site.

If you do it yourself, how do you know you will get results you need?

Yes, there are a lot of questions in this Blog post…makes you think doesn’t it? 😉

At The Webmistress we speak your language and we’ll answer your questions.

We make the process streamlined, focused and enjoyable, giving you a professional website you’ll be proud to show your clients.  Call us today.

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