Revamping your website

Liz Walton already had a website for her therapies and training.  She felt it was time for a change so she called The Webmistress.

Since writing this post originally in 2011, Liz and I have redesigned her site twice together. It’s important to keep up with the latest design and tech trends.

With her original site, if Liz wanted to make a change to the site, she had to pay someone to do that for her and wait for that to happen. Money + Time. This can be frustrating.

So her criteria for her new site was:

‘I want to be able to input information on my site whenever I need to.’

WordPress sites are easy for you to update and we’ll show you how.

Well, now she can do just that. The Webmistress creates websites using WordPress. This is robust Content Management  System which is well used the world over by individuals and companies.

We are available for WordPress coaching to help our clients get to grips with WordPress so they can edit their sites.

Liz also wanted the option of later adding these extra functions to her site:

  • video
  • online payment for courses and therapies
  • newsletter signup box

Liz chose our Custom package which allows her to add all of the above when she is ready.

Visually, Liz’s site required some modernisation.

The site we designed for Liz used a beautiful logo that she had commissioned by another company. By the way The Webmistress also offers a logo design service.

We were able to create the fresh look she wanted using pink, purple, orange & green. These are the colours of the chakras which symbolise creativity, communication and emotions. The site needed to appeal to both men and women.

The result in 2019

This is the result in 2011

The old site (pre 2011) looked like this: 

Is your site looking old and tired and in need of a bit of refreshing up?

Are you feeling hijacked by your web designer?

Is it hard for visitors to find their way around your site?

Would you like to add more functionality for a more interactive and enjoyable experience on your site?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then please call us today for a friendly and heart centred approach to support you with your web presence.

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