Self promotion…OMG! Do I have to?!

The simple answer is yes.

How else will your clients to find you?

I know you’re thinking…”marketing…self promotion…what a drag.”

So how can you change that round and become excited by the idea of marketing yourself, rather than dreading it?

Get inspired!

Find avenues that work for you and that you enjoy;

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  • write blog posts
  • get a blogging buddy
  • follow other blogs about marketing
  • create promotions you could blog and tweet about
  • speak to a special interest group (e.g Women’s Institute)
  • speak to support groups that are aligned with your practice (e.g for my massage practice, I would speak to bereavement groups)
  • read some marketing books
  • participate in some webinars
  • meet with a colleague to discuss marketing ideas
  • if you work at a clinic, get the clinic staff and other practitioners in for a session so they can get a feel for your work
  • if you work outside your home, walk the street introducing yourself the shop owners. Offer them a special rate. Be natural and lovely!
  • run a workshop

The main ingredient is FUN

Find the fun the marketing.

And I’d love to help you do that.

These inspiring and engaging marketing workshops for could be just what you need;

Sharing is caring

Please let your fellow colleagues know about these workshops.

And I’d love you hear some marketing ideas (use the box below) that have inspired you!

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