Web Presence and entry level Marketing Support

Whether you’re starting out or already established you might be…

  • Feeling stuck and need some direction
  • Looking for someone to help you improve your website

… then please get in touch.

We can set up a consultation to ascertain your support need and discuss how we can help you. We can also offer you entry level marketing support should you need it.

“Great session today, I really wasn’t expecting to have learnt so much in the 2 hours coaching call, and it has saved me hours of my time. You made it so easy from start to finish –  sending me a preparation document prior to the call, working on the document during the call and then leaving me with an action plan to continue with after the call.  Working with you has given me the confidence to get my new web site live! “
– Carole Orgles

Feel inspired about your business

  • 1-2-1 sessions and ongoing support to help you move forward with your website at a basic marketing level
  • Alleviate the stress trying to crunch it all on your own and it will help you to know where to turn first
  • Your energies will be directed rather than wasted, guiding you to take action towards your goals
  • You will leave each session feeling inspired and excited about your business and your website
  • Have technical things explained to you in simple ways
  • Improve your computer and other related technical skills
  • If you’re are a practitioner who is just starting out, this is your chance to ask questions to help get your business up and running
  • If you’re a practitioner who have been in business a while and need to assess where you are at and what you can do differently
  • You are supported in a safe environment, filled with empathy and non judgement
  • Focus on your goals and take your practice and website to the next level

Outline of the consultations and ongoing support

Conducted on Zoom or Google Meet etc and we can cover anything you need, for example…

  • If you’re already established and have a website, we can help you improve it
  • If you’re a new practitioner, where to start
  • Addressing your marketing and target market
  • Help with editing your site or website improvements
  • If it’s a WordPress site we can make possibly make changes to the design (depending on the theme used). If it is not WordPress, we can assess what changes need to be made
  • Address content changes
  • Help with setting up or understanding social media and blogging
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advice
  • Business productivity: help with using the right tools and planning your week so you can be effective with your time
  • …and lots more

“Leora’s been my webmistress since I began with my website in 2014 and has helped me to build my Reiki & Feng Shui practice since then. In 2021, Leora became my ‘Business Buddy’ helping me to move forward with my website and with the important development of my business. Guiding me, advising me with weekly ‘Jump’ sessions getting me started once a week, for my day of business development and admin.

I’ve had ups and downs along the way and Leora has been so patient with me and really encouraging. Leora has a unique view of me and my business, having a wealth of experience in business and design, she is also a teacher and practitioner herself. This enables her to advise me on all aspects of my business, in a way few other people could.

In our session today we looked back over what I’ve achieved and it’s really fantastic to see. I’m so happy, thank you, Leora! I’m so excited to keep going with our ‘Jump’ sessions and equally excited for the future.”
– Heidi Learner Rearden heidireiki.com

All sessions will end with a list of to do’s to get you on target with your website or your marketing.

The hourly rate is £55 and session duration can vary depending on your needs; longer or shorter sessions when it’s appropriate for you or the work we need to complete.

“I run a small business based in Cardiff and have realised that social media is one of the most effective ways to get out there to the public and attract clients. Unfortunately, its not often something at the top of my productivity list as in the past I have found it time consuming and complicated.

I had a 2 hour coaching session with Leora over Skype and she was able to answer all of my questions relating to different social media platforms and how they work as well as teaching me about some tools I could use to make things much faster and therefore save time. Leora seemed really clued up and explained things really clearly. I’m looking forward to putting all these new tips in to action to action and  creating more success in my business.

Thank you Leora”
Catherine Speteri Co-Director Holistic House

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