Testimonials for WordPress Coaching, Web Presence and Marketing Support

“I’ve been working with The Webmistress for about 5 years and I know my business wouldn’t be the success it is without her support. She took time to understand me, my service, and go for my customer base having worked out who that is ! The background technical support is invaluable as I am NOT techy at all but have been gently guided into changes and updates without feeling stressed ! Thank-you.”
Emma Forbes

“Your communication is perfect and you’ve helped me progress my business much quicker than I would’ve been able to alone and your input has been greatly appreciated. I really feel like it’s team work rather than feeling alone!”
Kassia Portas

“My experience with the Webmistress team has been exemplary; they are prompt, thorough, imaginative, knowledgeable and do their utmost to provide the best service possible. I am extremely happy with their professional service.”
Nicky Minter
Yes Wellbeing

“The Webmistress made the whole process of developing my website easy and achievable. Leora also advised on marketing and other social media platforms. The frequent updates on the progress were helpful. I can’t recommend their service enough.”
Maria Bez

“It was an enjoyable, informative and constructive chat. I hadn’t had such a focused meeting about my marketing before so it was very helpful to have a professional to bounce back any ideas and concerns.

Thanks very much for your help, I feel happy about setting my goals in what I want to achieve with my online presence, and thereby hopefully positively affecting my business.”
Rosie Kelly

“Thanks for this and for your time today. I found the session really beneficial and useful. I felt challenged, but always comfortable with what we were discussing. It felt as if the ideas we focused on were a refinement of what I was already thinking and feeling, rather than having to change my mind-set completely. I have had past experiences of being made to feel uncomfortable, inadequate or that all my past efforts had been wasted, but not so today. I started out feeling overwhelmed by the changes needed to attract more of my ideal clients, but now I feel that I can focus on a more manageable bite-sized chunk of the work now. Thank you for challenging me, while lightening the load. I look forward to tweaking my marketing content, in order to attract more lovely new clients. It’s comforting that I can call on your support again at any time I need it, with no pressure, just working at my own sweet pace!
Thanks and best wishes.”
Dr. Sarah Bryan Ph.D, MTI, MIFPA, CNHC
S B Holistic – Massage

“Great session today, I really wasn’t expecting to have learnt so much in the 2 hours coaching call, and it has saved me hours of my time. Leora made it so easy from start to finish –  sending me a preparation document prior to the call, working on the document during the call and then leaving me with an action plan to continue with after the call.  Working with Leora has given me the confidence to get my new web site live! “
Carole Orgles
Massage Practitioner

“Leora has been wonderful at explaining to me about marketing and how websites and SEO’s work, I feel much more confident now about how it all works. I would wholeheartedly recommend her”
Lara Chitty

“I felt very inspired after your webinar last week. You provided a great overview of the use of social media for capturing the attention of a target audience. Plenty of food for thought. Thanks also for all the useful links you sent too.”
Janette Hornby
Circles in Light

“I run a small business based in Cardiff and have realised that social media is one of the most effective ways to get out there to the public and attract clients. Unfortunately, its not often something at the top of my productivity list as in the past I have found it time consuming and complicated.

I had a 2 hour coaching session with Leora over Skype and she was able to answer all of my questions relating to different social media platforms and how they work as well as teaching me about some tools I could use to make things much faster and therefore save time.

Leora seemed really clued up and explained things really clearly. I’m looking forward to putting all these new tips in to action to action and  creating more success in my business. Thank you Leora”
Catherine Speteri
Holistic House

“As a non IT person it is refreshing for me to work with people who are not patronising and can explain things with such clarity and empathy!

The WordPress lesson was focused on my needs, efficiently delivered and there was no wasted time, which when charges are time related is very important

Kath was attentive and personable and was ready to do what I needed.”
Tracy Tunbridge

“Thank you for yesterday, Leora. I went away with my head spinning, but am delighted to be fully up and running on Facebook and really appreciative of your skills with this. It would have taken me days, and the computer would probably have been thrown out of the window long before reaching completion.I look forward to working with you again soon.”
Janette Hornby
Circles in Light

“Thanks Leora for you time and informative Skype session-really helpful with some nice little nuggets of information. Lots of work to be done! I’ll take a look at your website as my first micro-step.”
Trish Utaboon

“Thanks for the info. I found the session very useful in terms of pointing me in the right direction and I feel I now have a basis for how to move forward.”
Melissa Long
Dream Sleepers

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