Does your website need a cleanse?

I’m placing a bet on the fact that your website needs some attention. I know both of mine do!

There is a lot to consider when the new year comes around. And one of them could be setting yourself up a plan to attend to your website. Like body cleanses are “the thing” to do in January, why not do a website cleanse?

Or we can choose to not get caught up in the whole January thing and let leave this till February. Or even March.

Which ever you choose, RIGHT NOW, set a NON MOVABLE MEETING DATE with yourself to assess and cleanse your website.

  • Set aside 1 hour…that’s all!
  • Note down what you need to change.
  • Those changes can then take place throughout the year.

Now here is the key to change and cleansing…

I picked up this little beauty many many years ago and it stands us all in good stead.

It’s great to have goals. And after you have set them, you need micro-steps to help you achieve the goals.

For example:

Goal: Edit 4 pages of content on my site by the end of May

Microsteps: Schedule in 1 hour (non movable time) a month, for the next four months. Edit 1 page each session.

Micro-steps help things become more achievable

With the above example in mind, can you see how a task that actually seems like a lot of work, turns out to be 1 hour a week for 4 months? That’s really not a lot is it?

Sure, there will be other things on your cleanse list that you will need to micro-step into your schedule. And hey, if it lands up being 1 hour a week for the next 2 or 3 months (12hrs)…then that’s not a lot of time either, to dedicate to what is probably your main sales tool.

And you can also do this…

Say you find you need to micro-step 12 hours of time, as in the above example, but you simply can’t face that. Why not try 1 month on – 1 month off.

It will now take you 6 months to complete 12 hours of website cleanse. Still doesn’t feel like a lot of time does it?

So what are you waiting for?

Take a deep breath, reach for your diary

…or your online calendar and GET SCHEDULING NOW. And if that is too much right now to put aside a 1 hour website cleanse meeting with yourself, maybe you can set a date, to set a date, for the cleanse?

Sometimes that’s the kinda stuff we need to do to get stuff done, isn’t it?

Can you share other tips with us?

How do you managed to get things done?

What changes have you made recently to your site that could help others to think about?

Please share, share, share!

Can I help you with your website cleanse?

Sometimes it helps to set aside time with someone else who knows their stuff. It makes your valuable time more efficient and effective.

So if we can help you cleanse, contact us and we’ll get on it.

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