Why WordPress? Why The Webmistress?

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress to create and manage your website.

We use it because it is:

  • the most popular website platform today
  • stylish and up-to-date
  • easy for you to edit and update
  • easily found by Search Engines, helping your site be seen by more of your prospective clients
  • a great format for mobiles (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android etc), ensuring your site appears exactly the same as it would on a computer
  • and blog integration into your site is seamless, which helps your Search Engine results


Why The Webmistress?

We specialise in affordable websites for the holistic community, so if you’re a therapist, practitioner, group, etc – we’re here to help you establish your presence on the internet.

We will create a clean and clutter-free site for you.

Based in Bath, UK, we can work with you anywhere in the world via phone, email and Skype to create the web site you desire.

Call us today to speak to us, Alison and Leora. We speak your language – and we speak WordPress.


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