Essential Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Practice

If you’d like me to run this workshop for your group, please contact me >

An interactive workshop

  • This will be a fun day of interacting with each other to gain new knowledge about yourself and your practice.
  • You will leave busting at the seams with new ideas and exciting ways forward.

Who is this workshop for?

Perfect for wellbeing business owners who:

  • Are in training and want to be ahead of the game when qualified
  • Recently qualified and don’t know which way to turn
  • Have been in practice for a couple of years and need inspiration

We’ll be covering many juicy topics

For the cost of less than 3 client appointments, come and learn how to find and keep clients and build a successful practice:

  • Can/should I build my own website
  • What do I look for in a web designer
  • What should I have ready before I contact a designer
  • Attracting clients
  • What is search engine optimisation
  • I don’t have a website…where do I start
  • Target market/client group. Argh!! Tell me more…
  • What about branding?
  • My special qualities / my unique selling point
  • Web address and email address
  • Key aspects of a site/web presence
  • What content and images do I need
  • Social media! Um…do I have too
  • How can I best “leverage” clients for further business
  • Non internet related marketing to boost business
  • Where do I get my marketing material printed
  • Rebooking / checking in with clients = after sales service

If you’d like me to run this workshop for your group, please contact me >

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