Workshop Testimonials

“Thought provoking, enlightening and fun.”
Reve Therapies


“Very informative, I now feel that I have a direction in which I can move – forwards!”
Carmen Zahra


“Really enriching and showing I need to research some more to get the best for my marketing.”


“Thank you so much for last Friday. I loved the marketing day and meeting new people. Your lovely, bubbly energy came through and enthused me so much . It was a FUN, interactive day, really enjoyed it and meeting other people doing massage. ”


“Bright and bold, with movement and colours and great info. Made a daunting topic feel casual, approachable! Good stuff.”


“I learned a lot today and will put it into practice as soon as possible. Leora equipped me with tools to kick-start my massage business. ”
Sophie Walker
Massage Therapist


“Not as advanced as I expected but nice marketing tips.”
Barbara Olioso


“A well presented step-by-step approach to online presence – I feel a lot calmer about it! ”
Claire Sokell


“Thought provoking and useful.”
Ellie Guest


“Thank you so much for our Marketing Q&A session at The Practice Rooms.  I really appreciated the time and found your tips very useful.  It also always inspires me to think a bit further and actually take ACTION on some of the promotional plans that I’ve had in my head for a while.  So, many thanks for the push!”
Annette Schwalbe
Body Movement Psychotherapy



“Very interesting and has helped me to focus on my thinking”
Frances Gillies


“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for today – although I felt momentarily disheartened by some of the choices I have made – really went against my intuition on those occasions!!!! – I feel so fired up after today. Am already changing some of my about page to make it punchier and more direct – best 10 quid I have spent in ages.”
Amanda Allmark
Personal Transformational Coach


” Ignited an interest and direction I was unaware of.”
Mags Lockwood


“It has fired my imagination, I have left with a passion for marketing!”
Catherine Thomas


“Very interesting and really makes you think about your business in many ways.”
Helen McElwee


“Open, fun, great marketing and networking experience”
Heather Calaschi


“Informative, inspiring, motivating”
Aimee Campion


“The 2 hour session was hugely beneficial: it provided lots of very practical advice on how to improve one’s web presence and attract the right market specifically for the type of work we do.”
Nadia Sajadi-Rosen
Reiki Therapist and Practice Manager at The Practice Rooms, Salisbury


“There were many benefits I felt from today’s session. The biggest one for me has been a real sense of what I need to focus on to grow my client base. Your session really helped me to fully grasp the core components of what I need to do with my marketing efforts. Thanks also for the useful links below. I appreciate your generosity. Warm wishes, Kathy”
Kathy Cotter
Optimise Coaching


“Interesting and informative”
Jeanne Rayment


“An enjoyable and entertaining workshop that immediately grabbed my attention and focused my mind on some quick and simple key things to improve my self-marketing.”
Andy Blackwell
Blackwellbeing Reflexology


“Really good, made learning fun, fitted a lot in and learnt a lot.”
Anne-Marie Rose
Rose Holistic Treatments


“It was helpful”
Norah McCullagh
Bespoke Holistic Facials in Bristol, Exeter, Sidmouth


Massage Training Institute In Touch Conference 2015

“I was late arriving for the day and had missed the start of this workshop and was a little reluctant to go in late. Anna was so calm and friendly at registration and just took me up there and I’m so gad she did! I found this session extremely useful. Leora was so warm and positive and crammed so much advice and information into the available time. I’m in the process of creating my website at the moment and gained valuable insights, tips and advice. I may very well use Leora’s services in the future too.”
Attendee One


“The marketing workshop was excellent – Leora really knew her stuff and she really made me think. As a newly qualified therapist her advice was extremely useful.”
Attendee Two


“Worthwhile. Leora is knowledgeable and I learned stuff about social media I didn’t know. The content was engaging. The group size good. It was interactive and the speaker welcomed contributions from the participants. A good session.”
Attendee Three


“I thought Leora was very well informed and helpful. I will certainly be taking my notes and reworking several aspects of my marketing!”
Attendee Four


“A really good session from a delightful & dynamic speaker. I certainly learnt many useful tips about making best use of a website and marketing on paper and how to create your content by asking questions about yourself and your practice.”
Attendee Five


“Very daunting but picked up some ideas nonetheless.”
Attendee Six


“Excellent, really gave me good for thought & some much needed confidence.”
Attendee Seven


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course yesterday. I have had a lot on my mind lately and your course totally took my mind off all that other stuff simply because it was so engaging. I know the course was intended for new massage therapists, but some of us have been trying to get this website thing sorted out for a while and with no success, so your course was just the thing for me.

I thought the course was very interesting and I learnt a lot.

Having been a teacher myself, it is sometimes difficult to teach people like me I guess because I want to be taught and not read to (when attending training in schools as part of CPD, this is a common failing), so your approach was very refreshing and engaging. I really appreciated your honesty and openness and your willingness to discuss actual numbers regarding new clients from website, actual number of treatments a month etc. You are the first person from all the courses I have attended to put actual numbers on things. That for me was excellent as it gave a realistic picture of what to expect.

I also thought the way that you built on some themes through the day was excellent and how we could use the some of the information we’d uncovered during the day as Homepage content. It meant we all could go away and establish a very basic site straightaway if we wanted to. I also liked how you got us to focus on what way we wanted our business to go and how to avoid the bland Holistic Therapy info sheet. All in all it was truly excellent.

Thanks for such an informative and positive day and keep up the good work. This really is the best approach for me, a therapist and web designer in one package. Ideal!!”


“I wanted to let everyone know that I attended Leora’s Improve Your Online Presence day and it is well worth taking the time out to attend.

I have a marketing background but I learnt so much about how to improve what I am already doing.

I have gained several gems that I will bring to bear on my marketing approach.

Leora is informal but extremely professional.

The group was a good size and I felt we were all heard.

Leora was also able to answer questions thoroughly and with knowledge. She is naturally business savvy and gives you many gems that you can easily use in marketing your business and keeping your website sharp.

She has the ability to build confidence in people who may not have felt confident in marketing themselves.

Highly recommended.”
Maria Bez (Nourish Centre Bath)
Nutrition and Kinesiliogy


“Hi Leora,

I’ve been meaning to reply and thank you for the in depth workshop you gave. It was alot to take in but next day I felt quite energised and wrote several possible blog entries.

I am going to book onto the weds 5 th wkshop once the computers not occupied.

I know I need to crack on with this but haven’t even got around to doing a to do list yet.

I have to say I really admire your energy and enthusiasm. Promoting myself still feels so alien to me but less so now thanks to you!”
Sophie Paine
Wise Bodies


“Hi Leora,

Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic workshop today, you did a wonderful job of de-mystifying and simplifying what for me is a complicated subject of online presence.

Speak soon,”
Kathryn Nash
Massage therapy and bodywork


“I am a holistic massage practitioner who qualified with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork and opened own business last year in January.

After the year of promoting my practice and building up my clientele I realised it is a time to start with my online presence. I wanted to learn basics about how to build-up an efficient website and also how and where to connect to enhance my social networking.

Leora was really helpful and enthusiastic throughout the workshop. She adapted to the group dynamics well and proved to know her expertise.

I have learnt the importance of targeting the right market and its key elements.

I chose Leora’s workshop because she is massage practitioner herself and thus understands the massage marketing requirements.   She helped me to recognise the difference between being just a passive advertiser who is waiting for clients and active user who engages with the website elements and thereby has higher chances of being successful.

Workshop provided me with useful links, information on connecting, promoting my business and attracting clients. It helped me to understand it all and the advice she provided was priceless.

I was very pleased what I have learnt and I would recommend her workshop to anybody who is not sure where and how to start with promoting their business online.
With Regards,”
Martina Rucká
Holistic Massage Therapist


“Excellent, so much to think about and do, but I feel inspired and more confident that I can do it.

Thank you,”
Julia Jordan
Counselor(In business for many years)